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 About PCTime

PC Time supplies specialist appliances for network services, representing leading vendors in the Australia and New Zealand region.

With decades of accumulated technical experience, we help our clients find and implement appropriate solutions.

That experience has lead us to promote server appliance solutions, because they deliver real benefits to managers of modern networks:
  • Simplicity and ease of management
  • Enhanced security
  • Greater reliability and robustness
  • Lower total cost of ownership

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 Solution Range
DNS & DHCP Solutions Domain Name Services including DNS, DHCP, and IPAM, for IPv4 and IPv6
Web Caching Solutions Webserver Performance Enhancement
Messaging Solutions Email and Message Security
VoIP Enhacement Solutions Accelerating Voice over IP Performance
NCCM Solutions Network Change & Configuration Management
 Featured Solution: ApplianSys Cachebox 230

Uses Solid State Drive technology (SSDs), the CACHEBOX230 appliance supports 2500 HTTP requests per second.

Bandwidth Optimisation

  • Flexible deployment modes, including Forward, Reverse, Transparent, Interception, and Explicit modes
  • Internet video caching/Content Delivery Network support, eg YouTube
  • Software update caching: Operating System (eg Windows), anti-virus etc
  • Pre-caching and mirroring
  • Bridge Mode