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 NCCM Solutions: Network Change & Configuration Management

Trinzic NetMRI™ is network configuration and change management (NCCM) software that automatically analyzes and detects network configuration vulnerabilities, changes, and health issues. NetMRI collects configuration and performance data for nodes throughout the network, then analyzes that data to generate information that can be used by network managers to address problems and improve network reliability and performance.

The Trinzic NetMRI platform offers a set of specialized network management products to provide solutions to specific requirements in managed networks. Those products are as follows:
Trinzic IPAM Insight - Application to discover all devices in the managed network, create a device inventory, detect and view issues in the network, and obtain a topological view of the network.
Trinzic Switch Port Manager (with IPAM Insight) - Application to detect and manage large-scale Ethernet spanning-tree protocol networks, identify usage trends, network paths and underutilized resources, and track devices, network interfaces and end hosts.
Trinzic Network Automation - Application to perform automated networking tasks such as network and VLAN reassignments, OS updates, configuration normalizations, and many other network maintenance tasks.
Trinzic Network Compliance - Application to examine and certify the managed network for regulatory compliance, using a feature set called the Policy Design Center.
Trinzic NetMRI - The Infoblox network configuration and change management (NCCM) software application.
Trinzic PCI Insight - A fully automated network Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance management solution. Any organization that accepts credit cards, via online or in storefronts must abide by PCI-DSS (PCI) regulatory compliance. Failure to abide by PCI compliance can lead to very heavy fines or loss of credit card acceptance privileges. The system helps you maintain consistent PCI compliance 24x7x365, and provides network discovery, change detection and security requirements tracking. Most importantly, Trinzic PCI Insight delivers one-click compliance reporting to meet regulatory requirements.